Wednesday, October 31, 2012

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Recyclables Day

43 degrees and dry at 5:30 a.m.

YNN predicts A Good Night for Flying!

"A bit breezy and raw for the trick-or-treating this evening, but no active weather." 

"Trick or Treat" 
in the Village of Waterville
5:30 - 7:30 p.m.

"Today will be mainly cloudy and cool with a few scattered showers possible.  Highs will be in the upper 40s and lower 50s.  The remnants of Sandy will continue to keep showers,clouds, and breezy conditions in the area through the rest of the week. As this system lifts to the northeast, we will have a colder shot of air work in for the end of the week and into the weekend with lake effect showers and even a rain/snow mix across higher elevations."   From YNN. (They wake up earlier than WKTV!)



I didn't even step foot out of the house but spent the day glued to television watching reports of damage caused by Hurricane "Sandy" and getting in touch with friends who live near the  Coast.  Among the many E-mails that I sent was one to JIM VIVYAN, who grew up in Waterville and who has lived on E. 25th Street in New York City and worked at Random House Publishers for many years.  He replied right away!

"All is well here, as well as can be, anyway. Power went out last night about 9 - so no lights, fridge, stove, tv, cable, wi-fi, phone, computer - area south of 34th Street is mostly powerless.  Walked into work today for something to do -only one here - at least there is power, computer, plenty of food in fridge, etc...... will leave shortly.  Hear that busses are running starting at 5 pm so that will be something. 
There are police barricades outside our (office) building as the crane collapse is on 57th street just a few blocks away and they are not sure what will happen - not sure if it has been secured yet.  Today has been mostly wind and rain free - though some showers this PM, seems pretty dry now as I look out the window.
 No work - office has been closed two days - no word about tomorrow - they will probably try to open - but not asking people to risk anything - lots of folks live in NJ and CT and travel via trains that aren't running so commuting will be a problem.  Expect power to be back in 4 days in Manhattan according to ConEd. We shall see......"  (Thanks heaps, Jim!)


A blog reader asks : "Does anyone from Waterville make the wooden Adirondack Chairs?  I like to shop local and want to order some chairs for Christmas!"

(Let me know and I'll relay the information.)



Front Page Headlines
from The Waterville Times

"It’s A Great Pumpkin - Photos"
‘‘Vast Improvement Over Last Year’’
"Tri Valley Title - Photo"
"Town of Sangerfield"
"Village of Oriskany Falls"

To read more, please click HERE.


More for your November Calendar.



This is the time of year that I usually remind folks that contributions are welcomed by the Food Pantry (contact Vicky Sabol on Osborne Avenue) and The Christmas Committee (contact Shirley Hart on Putnam Street)
but this year, especially, we might also consider donating to the American Red Cross, upon whom so many victims of "Sandy" will be relying for help.

Click HERE to make a donation.


And this is the day when I always give you 
to learn all about the History of Everything Hallowe'en!


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tuesday, Continued



Ruth Angell
1934 - 2012


Jean (Kimball) Doane
1959 - 2013


This looks familiar!



At the Library

1:00 Movie Matinée

"Red Lights" RATED R


Village of Waterville


5:30 - 7:30 p.m.



"Prism" Concert at the High School

7:00 p.m.


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Village of Waterville

Waterville Central School

Waterville Public Library


Here's a Special Event to start the month!

The poster came with this E-note from the Director.

"The Waterville Central School Drama Club, under the direction of Karen Cronkhite, is proud to present their 2012 production of “The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon.”  The fairy tales you know and love are flipped upside down in this wacky blend of all 209 stories of the Brothers Grimm.  Join two narrators and “the greatest troupe of actors the world have ever seen” as they cover classics such as Snow White, Cinderella, and Rapunzel, as well as the more obscure, like The Devil’s Grandmother and Lean Lisa

Please join us for this wild, free-form comedy on 
Friday and Saturday, November 9th and 10th 
in the high school auditorium. 

 Performances begin at 7:30 pm each night; admission is $6.00. 

(Thank you, Karen!)


There will be more posters for more events in tomorrow's blog post!


Sandy Martin brings us up to date on the Crimson Bonnets!

"For October the Crimson Bonnets enjoyed a Tea at the 
Harding Nursing Home last Thursday afternoon. Twenty 
residents along with twelve Crimson Bonnet members 
were served a wide variety of teas along with small sandwiches 
and cookies. The tea was served in special cups - each 
different and beautiful. The program consisted of a story 
about growing older, a talk regarding the collecting of tea 
cups and a word game with prizes presented by Wendy Bower.

The very enjoyable afternoon was arranged by Mary Lou, 
Nancy and the Nursing Home staff."

(Thanks, Sandy!)


This E-note from Connie Bocko commenting on my observation that despite the abundance of Wild Grape Vines  they all seem to be grapeless.

"We have a couple grapevines behind our garage. This is the first time in 20 plus years that I never saw a single grape. I think that early warm weather followed by the frosts did them in. Same for the apple blossoms. Very few walnuts too: not much for the squirrels to gather."

Thank you for that, Connie.


Gil Condon sent me a nice letter about my picture of the Sangerfield River and in it he remarked about "The Sangerfield Divide."  I'm sure you've all heard of "The Continental Divide" - the imaginary line that runs atop the Rocky Mountains at which all waters run either to the East or the West - no exceptions.  Well ---  I got out a topo map of Sangerfield and marked it up to show you where the Sangerfield Divide  (orange) must be.  All creeks and streams to the North RUN North and all creeks and streams to the South RUN South.

Thanks for that, Gil!


Have a great day everyone!

Tuesday a.m. First Look ADD-ON

For those of you who are out of town and/or live far away and wonder if Waterville is still here .....

definitely Yes!!

Something woke me up at around 4:15 and, without looking at the clock, I thought it was light enough to be more like 7:00. No:  just the huge full moon!

I didn't hear any strong wind during the night and there don't seem to be any trees, limbs or even twigs on the ground.

Perhaps we've just been lucky!


from WKTV.

"Sandy's Trail of Devastation"
from CNN.


Now, at a little after 8:00, the temperature is 54 degrees and it's cloudy but dry.

Here's WKTV's Weather Forecast: "*A wind advisory remains in effect for Central New York through this afternoon*  Sandy made landfall last night near Cape May, NJ.  Wind gusts overnight in the local area were between 40-50mph.  Sandy has weakened considerably and has stalled over Pennsylvania.  For the rest of today, expect mostly cloudy skies with occasional rain showers.  Breezy conditions, with an east wind sustained 20-25mph with gusts over 30mph.  Highs near 60.
Sandy continues to bring blustery, wet conditions to the region for Halloween and Thursday.  Cooler air arrives Friday with scattered rain and snow showers in the higher elevations.  Cooler, drier weather expected for the weekend."


I gather from Facebook postings and my morning Email that there was no storm damage - or even a storm - in the Waterville area.

There are, however, many Delays and Closings in nearby communities. You can find the list HERE, on WKTV.

I was one of many residents who shopped for "emergency food" in case we lost power for several days and spent yesterday afternoon putting away lawn furniture and anything else that could go flying around.

The Village DPW was on the job until late in the afternoon, vacuuming up all the leaves that residents had raked to the edge of the streets.

I did go out to Fuess-Cleary Road to check on the Canada Geese. Some had left, but there were still several hundred scattered around the fields.  They must have known, somehow, that yesterday was not a good day to be heading South!


I'm still sorting through Email and have several posters advertising upcoming events that I'll get to later on.

Here's one piece of Email, however, that you should read right now: it's from our favorite photographer and pumpkin carver, Jody Hildreth.

He wrote: "I wanted to let you know that my pumpkin made it into the  top five for the Ducks Unlimited pumpkin 
carving contest. The winner is announced on Halloween.  I
need all the help  (VOTES!) I can get! You and anyone else can simply click on this link and click the "Vote For This Photo" button.  Then click "OK" in the pop up window. 
You don't need to sign up for anything - quick and painless! The prize is a lay down blind and a dozen decoys.  I don't duck hunt, personally, but my brother does and I go photograph with him once a year. Thanks!"  
(Sorry about the type misalignment: it's a blog thing that I don't have time to tinker with right now!)


To be continued!

Monday, October 29, 2012

10:00 a.m. Add-on: Party Cancelled!


The Rotary Halloween Party is cancelled.  
There are no after school activities today, 
compliments of Hurricane Sandy.


It's Garbage Day

46.8 degees and dry at 6:30 a.m.

Everyone is Watching  Hurricane "Sandy"!

Although there have been several announcements of school delays / closings in the area, Waterville Central School is NOT on any list.

Keep checking here, at WKTV, or at the Utica Observer-Dispatch, here.

This morning's blog post will arrive in bits and pieces.
Thank you for your patience.


The latest WKTV Weather Forecast: "The first half of Monday looks relatively quiet with clouds and a few light showers. Rain will become more steady by the afternoon and evening as Hurricane Sandy edges closer to the Northeast. The storm likely makes landfall late Monday along the coast of New Jersey. Overnight Monday into Tuesday, rain will become more moderate to heavy. The wind intensity will also increase, with sustained winds of 35-45MPH, with gusts over 50MPH Monday night into Tuesday. Light rain continues on Tuesday with windy conditions during the morning. The wind and rain will slowly taper off by Tuesday night.
At this point it appears that the biggest threat is going to be high wind. Because of the extended period of high winds, power outages are possible to make sure you have flashlights, batteries and nonperishable foods ready. As for rainfall, the heaviest rain looks to stay to the west and south of Central NY but still expect steady, moderate rain, with rainfall totals between 1"-3" by Tuesday evening."  


The Utica Observer-Dispatch notes the death of

Ruth M. Angell
formerly of Oriskany Falls.


Waterville Rotary Club

Hallowe'en Party at MPS

this evening at 6:30 p.m.


I have several more notices of upcoming events, but I will post those a bit later today.

In the meantime, here are some pictures that I took over the weekend.

Tamaracs - or larches - are turning gold.

Lots of folks have been raking and the sides of streets are bordered with heaps of leaves ...

...... waiting for the DPW "leaf vacuum" to pick them up.

The Jack o' Lanterns in the Jurczaks' display on Sanger Avenue were glowing, even in mid-afternoon.

This is just part of the Hallowe'en display at the Frost residence across from California Road on Route 315!

I didn't realize how cloudy / foggy it was yesterday afternoon until I was on Gridley-Paige Road looking toward West Hill!

Driving south on Hanover Road near the Zweifels' house.

The Hanover Cemetery.

In fields between Hanover and Fuess-Cleary Roads hundreds - or thousands - of Canada Geese were wandering around, "grounded," perhaps, by the fog.

There was just one Snow Goose in the crowd.




The "friendship lights" are lit at the house in the Hollow.

More later.....

Thursday, October 25, 2012

It's another Thursday,
and another Garbage Day.

54 degrees, dark and dry at 6:45.

The Weather Forecast from WKTV:  "Mild weather finally arrives today. Cloudy skies in the morning will give way to breaks of afternoon sun.  Look for temperatures to climb well into the 60's to around 70.
Mild weather continues tomorrow and early Saturday, before a cold front approaches.  This cold front will put on the brakes and bring us a chance for rain late Saturday and most of Sunday.
Hurricane Sandy is heading north towards the east coast.   This system could play a role in our weather next week, potentially bringing or enhancing rainfall as a cold front approaches from the west.  As the system approaches we'll keep you posted."


1926 - 2012


Yesterday was another soggy gray day - not very good for picture-taking.

I went on a search for wild grapes. Considering the abundance of vines, there was very little fruit.
Either I'm late and the birds picked them or - perhaps - it was a poor crop in the first place.

In spite of frequent showers, several fields of soy have been harvested and, on West Main Street, Dan Maine & Co. were building a new "overhang" on the front of the H.&.R. Block office.

The Hallowe'en "curtains" are up at the Frye home on the corner of Barton and Putnam ...........

.................  and even more Autumn decorations have been added to the Brouillettes' doorway.


I'm off for a few days.  I think I've already posted information about major community events, so - unless something unexpected happens for me to tell you about - I'm going to take advantage of what may be the last of the Summery weather, turn off my computer,  and go on a few "day scoots" that have been on my "to do" list since Springtime!

Have a good weekend, everyone!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

It's Recyclables Day

51 degrees,  dry and very dark at 6:15

The Weather Forecast from YNN:  "As high pressure shifts off to the east, a warm front is working in and bringing with it unsettled conditions.  We will have extra clouds and the chance for scattered showers and even a few rumbles of thunder. We maintain mild conditions with highs in the 60s. Looks like the further northeast you travel, the less likely you will see many showers including the North Country and Eastern New York.

 The warm front will continue to sag over the area Wednesday with low pressure working in bringing again the opportunity for scattered showers and clouds. Highs again will remain warm in the 60s.

 By late week this warm front lifts north and we will have a break from showers and will be in the warmer area of air. Highs will jump from the 60s to the 70s to finish the work week. A cold front arrives for the weekend bringing a big cool down for Sunday."



Waterville High School's ninth football game 
at Syracuse Institute of Technology 
has been moved to a 6 p.m. Wednesday kickoff.
The Class C crossover was originally scheduled by Section III to be played on Thursday.


Front page headlines from

"Top 20 Finish"
(photos - Cushman car #7)

"Marshall Garage Nearly Done"

"Meeting Set To Discuss Deansboro Postal Changes"

"Village Dam Project Moves Forward"

"New Doctor Is On Staff"

"Church Gives Coats Away"

"Two Teams In Soccer Playoffs"

To read more, please click HERE.




Waterville Public Library Halloween Festival 

Friday, October 26th | 6-8pm

Come in your Halloween costumes for a costume contest, games, prizes, face painting, food 
and a magic show at 7pm!

Barton Hose Company,  Deansboro
Sunday Oct. 28 at 3 pm at the firehouse.

Waterville Rotary Club Party
Monday the 29th at 6:30 at MPS

Village of Waterville "Trick or Treat"
Wednesday the 31st - 5:30 - 7:30.



A few pictures

Monday was a nice sunny day and poplars everywhere gleamed.

I was wrong about the "combine" that I thought was waiting, ready to harvest soy beans. Here, a gleaner goes to work in a field next to Fuess-Cleary Road.

Tuesday was a thoroughly soggy day, but after overdosing on politics, a ride and short walk in woodsy country was a wonderful change!

Despite recent rains, I don't know when I've seen the Sangerfield River this low.

This old silo on Barker Road caught my eye ....

.............. and back in the Village, at 188 Sanger Avenue, Matt is setting the stage for his annual Jack-o-Lantern Display!



Have a great day everyone!