Tuesday, July 31, 2012

It's 66 degrees at 5:30 a.m.

The WKTV Weather Forecast: "More humid air will gradually work its way into the region over the next 24 hours.  A cold front will approach over the next couple of days and increase the chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms.  The best chance of rain looks to be Wednesday, as the front swings through the region."


1930 - 2012



This E-note from Sue Tice:

"The class of 1972 Waterville Central School is looking for addresses for the following persons. Can you help?
 I still need addresses for:

James Apgar                                      
Gwen Bancroft                                 Linda Bridge

John Dukett                                       
Judy Harper                                        Helen Hillage

Marcia Jacobson                              
William Jannone                             Robert Kingsbury

Christine Lewis                                 
Roger Lewis                                       Jeffrey Merriman

Dale Miller                                         
Marjorie Phister                              David Poyer

Cindy Reese                                       
Joseph Rutherford                          Carol Tyzick



A bit of Advice

to those who like to take the "scenic route" to Clinton 
over Hanover Hill:


The road certainly needed repair and
it will be very nice when it's done, but right now it's messy and slow.


 If it's just a matter of scenery that you're looking for, and you don't really need to get to Clinton,
take a ride along Valley Road between Oriskany Falls and Solsville. 

Click to enlarge

Joe Pye Weed, Yellow Cone Flower
and Blue Lobelia
 are all in bloom.

suggestion: have lunch at the
Solsville Hotel!


In Waterville, on Babbott Avenue South,
Pat's Gardens at "the purple church."




11:00 - 7:00

followed by


at  7:00 

"Joe Falk - favorite oldies!"



In Waterville 


 In Deansboro


New Signs on Main Street

But the Villager Diner is open on weekends -
I think!




Saturday the 11th is also the date of the annual

"Marshall Day" in Deansboro 
that starts with the Ruth Allen Run & Walk. 

 Other activities include:
an 80th Reunion of the Deansboro Elementary School

  Vintage Car Show,

Firematics and Chicken BBQ
by the Deansboro  Fire Dept

Kids' activities.

Book Sale by the Deansboro Reading Center, 
and Bake Sale. 

Brothertown Association  will sell Hot Dogs & Hamburgers
at the Depot.

For information about the Ruth Allen Run & Walk, please contact Janet Dangler Home Phone 841-4707, work 793-8590 
or email jdangler@oneida-boces.org
Betty Hughes: phone 841-4356


Also on August 11 -

"Aida" at 1:30

"Lost in the Stars" at 8:00


And on Saturday, September 15 ... 


Have a good day everyone!

Monday, July 30, 2012

It's Garbage Day

60 degrees and sunny at 7:00 a.m.

The Weather Forecast from YNN: "Today is shaping up to be a hot and muggy day with sun and just a few clouds. While most of the day will be dry, an isolated shower or storm cannot be ruled out. Highs will be in the upper 80s to near 90 degrees.

Tuesday will feature clouds and sun with just a couple of spotty showers/storms. It will remain warm with highs in the mid 80s. Wednesday looks to be our best bet for scattered showers and storms as an area of low pressure works through. Despite that though, temperatures should manage to climb into the low/mid 80s.

Heading through the end of the week and into next weekend temperatures are forecast to stay above average with highs in the mid to upper 80s.



From the Utica Observer-Dispatch
1924 - 2012 

1933 - 2012


1921 - 2012



From Jody Hildreth, president of the Brothertown Music Boosters: Forty-nine Waterville Jr/Sr/ High School students who participate in musical programs went to New York City for two days.  Accompanied by their nine adult chaperones, they went to:

Six Flags Great Adventure
American Museum of Natural History
Ellen's Stardust Diner (Where the wait staff sings to you)
"Wicked" on Broadway

 In front of the Gershwin Theatre.

On the Big Red Steps in Times Square.

Thank you, Jody!


These three photos and note from Jenny Sparks:  "I was taking a little bike ride and came across the men digging up the tanks (at the old gas station on the corner of Route 12 and East Bacon Street.).  I think it was around 6:30pm last (Friday) night.  It was interesting to watch. The small backhoe was actually on its 'toes' tipping, picking up a tank.  I'd never seen one do that before.  Then I noticed there was a crossbar in the front.  I suppose you could call it a leaning bar. ; )
I heard that the realtor was doing the tank removal to make it more salable."

Thank you, Jenny.


Mystery Birds

A question from Jim Beha. "We have been watching these rather large  birds on a cell tower near our home in Marcy. I haven't been able too identify them, but hope that you can.I think their wing span must be 3 or 4 feet.  I haven't zoomed in these pictures so you can get the look you want.  I took them from about 200 yards, with a 200 mm lens.

Thanks, Jim.  My guess would be Ospreys.


A few photos from my camera

 Yes.  It rained, finally!

The corn looks much happier.

There is a beautiful new fence, installed by Williams Fence Company, across the entire frontage of the Harding property - originally the Charlemagne Tower Homestead.

A smoother ride on Elmwood.

We miss the time & temperature indicator on the old bank building!



Movie Matinée at 1:00



I will add more "Coming Events" either later today or tomorrow morning.

Have a great day, everyone!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012



I've been asked to warn everyone 
to LOCK CARS and HOUSES at night.  

Since Monday there have been about a dozen burglaries.  

Please spread the word!

Monday, July 23, 2012

It's Garbage Day

68 degrees with scattered thundershowers passing through the area giving the ground just a little drink and leaving a few of my clocks AND my coffeepot blinking.


I hope that everyone had a fine weekend - those of you who stayed in the village to enjoy every bit of "Firemen's Field Days" and those who opted for picnics and swim-time "up north."  I did neither, because I'm up to my ears in a really neat history hunt with some other old fogies and couldn't tear myself away from the computer/phone.

I think that this will be one of the most quiet weeks of the Summer, so I'm going to keep on with my digging and then try to get just as interested in some domestic and artistic projects - probably more of one than the other!)

Here are the usual blog-bits to get your week going. I'll let you know if anything especially blog-worthy happens, but - otherwise - you probably won't be seeing/hearing much from me - at least online.
Have a good week, everyone!


The Weather Forecast from YNN: "Today will be a very warm and humid day with scattered showers and thunderstorms. Highs will be well into the 80s and with a few breaks of sun, some spots could hit 90. With an approaching cold front, there will be showers and storms today with and upper level disturbance. There is enough juice in the atmosphere for a few of these storms to be strong with damaging winds and heavy down pours.

A cold front may produce a few showers early Tuesday, but clearing skies should bring a beautiful Tuesday afternoon. That beautiful weather will continue into Wednesday.

A quick moving area of low pressure may bring some area-wide showers Thursday."




At the Library

1:00 Movie Matinée



from 11:00 - 7:00

Concert in the Park

7:00 p.m.



At the Library

11:00 a.m.

Ages 3-8 

Get swept away with Robin's fantastically magical stories.
Robin will pull you into her stories with song and audience

Kids are sure to have a great time!

Click HERE to see the entire schedule of events at 
the Waterville Public Library. 


Don't forget to check the
Waterville Times website on Tuesday
 for this week's front page headlines! 



Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wednesday afternoon for Thursday

Wednesday was another hot day

and I Needed a Change of Scenery!


Now do you feel cooler? 


You will if you're up early Thursday morning!

It's Garbage Day and 58 cool degrees!

The WKTV Weather Forecast for the Weekend:  "High pressure builds in again today, bringing us lower humidity and pleasant temperatures.  High in the lower 80's.

A frontal boundary is expected to stall across the Mid Atlantic on Friday.  Here in Central New York, we'll likely see some extra clouds with high temperatures in the 70's.

A return to sunshine this weekend with highs in the low to mid 80's.  The next chance for showers and thunderstorms is on Monday and Tuesday as a cold front approaches."



from the O-D and MidYork Weekly

"Driver Safety Program in Waterville"
from the Observer-Dispatch. 




1:30 p.m.
 "Once Upon a Time in Waterville"
Old-timers' Story Swap


3:30 PM
Learn how to make your own Constellation Projector.
Ages 6-11  
Sign UpContact:
Amanda Briggs    315-841-4651    amanda@watervillepl.org 

Did you Know?

Any program that has to do with stars and with the observatory are given by members of the Mohawk Valley Astronomical Society, owners of the telescope(s) that will soon be installed in the new Observatory!



  • Kiddie Parade Friday at 6 pm.
  • Field opens at 6 pm.
  • Music at 8 pm. til 12:00 midnight with 
  • "All Tuned Up!"
  • Field closes at 12:00 midnight. 


  • Softball tournament starts at 8:00 am Saturday.
  • Field opens at 12:00 noon.
  • Food, beer and rides all day.
  • Firemens parade at 6:30 pm.
  • Music at 8:00 pm. til 1:00 am. 
  • by 
  • "The Redneck Rodeo Cowboys."
  • Fireworks display at dark.
  • Field closes at 1:00 am.


  • Softball tournament starts at 8:00 am. on Sunday.
  • Field opens at 12:00 noon.
  • Beer, food and rides all day.
  • Chicken Bar-B-Q at noon til sold out.
  • Field closes at 5:00 pm.



It's Recyclables Day

70 degrees and overcast/hazy at 6:30 a.m.

The Weather Forecast from WKTV: "Warm and still humid early today, but the weather does change by the afternoon.  A cold front will slowly drift through the area early today, potentially sparking off a mid morning to early afternoon thunderstorm south of the Mohawk Valley.  The humidity slowly drops, but temperatures still make it into the upper 80s this afternoon.

Skies clear out tonight with patchy fog.  Lows fall into the 50s.

Drier weather lasts into Thursday and Friday, with lower levels of humidity.  Seasonably warm, with highs in the low 80s through the end of the week."


Yesterday at 3:21 p.m. 

and, despite predictions, it did not rain or rumble during the night.
(At least not here in the Hollow.)


Getting Ready!

 The tables are all out at the Firemen's Pavillion 
and there's a great new sign on the fence behind the dugout at Firemen's Field.


There's a new cupola atop the Observatory!


Just a small section of the front border at the Timlake-Tilbe  residence on Route 12 south of the village.

 Out on Grant Hill, there are new pots of flowers at the front door (and isn't that a carpenter's level leaning against the wall?) at the Asahel Grant Homestead.  I'm so glad that something is happening! Does anyone know who is doing the work?




11:00 - 7:00

followed by

"Concert in the Park"

at 7:00 p.m.

The Mark Barnes Band  


Please Note...

The Matinée Movie 
at the Library will be 

instead of "Being Flynn," as was announced yesterday. 

"Salmon Fishing in the Yemen"
is a 2011 British romantic comedy-drama filmed in London, Scotland and Morocco. 



This week's Headlines from Page One of

The Waterville Times.

"Judge: Lemery Convicted Himself With Own Words"
"Lunch Improvements Coming"
"Dog Owners Get Pets Licensed To Avoid Town Fines"
"New Town Barn Work Continues In Marshall"
"Basic Training Finished"
"North Brookfield Driver Ticketed"
"Storyteller Bady Coming To Library"

Click HERE to read more! 


"Where in the World are....." the eleven students and four teachers from WCS who left on Monday the 9th for a two-week tour of Italy and Spain?  It's day #10 and, having already visited/toured Rome, Pisa, Monaco and Provence they are now in Spain and have worked their way to Barcelona.  From there they'll travel to Madrid to see the sights and then return to the United States ---- happy but tired, I'm sure!



Rusty has sent me some more photographs taken when he and Joan visited the San Pedro River Bird Sanctuary.  The "critter" in one picture, however, is not a bird!

Acorn Woodpecker

Western Tanager 

Mexican Jay

Arizona Rattle Snake!

He wrote:   "We were on a guided bird walk when that snake actually crossed our path. One of the guides hollered for us to stop, as I turned around the rattler was in the strike position and then he just turned and headed out. I tried to get picture when he was coiled and ready to strike but it was very uncooperative. You could hear the rattling real good."

Thanks loads for all of those pictures, Rusty!

The last bit reminded me of a long-ago memory -- very, very long ago!  I was probably no more than three or four years old and was on a wild strawberry-picking expedition with my grandmother and her three sisters outside the crossroads community of Mooers Forks, right near the Canadian Border.  I was just trying to find berries to pick before anyone else got them when suddenly my grandmother shouted,"Philippa!  Don't you hear the 'rattler'?"

Well, yes, I had. But no one had ever explained to me the importance of hearing the "rattle."  I've remembered that sound, ever since!


Have a great day, everyone.

Keep Cool!