Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It's 33 degrees and dry at 6:15 a.m.

WKTV's Weather Forecast: "A few light snow showers early (Tuesday), before skies clear out again by the afternoon. High temperatures in the upper 30s. A quiet, mild Wednesday, with highs over 40. A period of rain is possible for Wednesday Night and Thursday. Cooler, with lake effect snow showers by Friday."


1946 - 2012




"Well here we are again, Start cleaning the closets!!"

St. Bernard’s Church will again host a clothing giveaway January 27 & 28th.


The give-away is sponsored by the Waterville Food Pantry, Waterville Senior Citizens and the Social Action Committee of St. Bernard’s Church.

Collections of gently used Clean clothing, toys, and small household items will begin January 15th. Church will be open for drop off Sundays 9-12:30 and M-F 9-Noon. We will not accept any computers, exercise equipment, televisions or broken appliances.

The give away is open to the public and there is no limit on the quantity of items people may take away. In addition to clothing there will also be small household items, bedding, kitchen items, shoes and toys. The give-away opens Friday, January 27, 9-12 & 4-6 and Saturday January 28th 9-12. The giveaway is held in the basement of St. Bernard’s Church, 199 Stafford Avenue, Waterville.


Here & There

Full Moon over Tassell Hill, Sunday evening.

Just a hint of snow in Hanover.

If this weather continues, I'll start looking for Hepaticas next to Fuess-Cleary Road!

I did find SOME snow, 'way out on Bailey Lake Road.

This is the time of year when Cornus stolonifera, Red-stemmed Dogwood, shines
- even on gray days.


For a change of scenery, I went to the Library to take a good, long, close-up look at Annette Gurdo's paintings that are on display in the Hallway Gallery AND the Activity Room.

(Detail from "Lois' Pond")

Her work always makes me smile! I usually recognize the view and I'm fascinated with her use of several media: everything from watercolor, gouache (opaque watercolor,) pastels, conté crayon to pen & ink! It works!

Obviously I'm not the only admirer - several of the paintings have those lovely little yellow labels that read "SOLD!"


When I was leaving the Library, two runners passed in front of me on White Street. I know that this is a poor photograph - flash through windshield - but it does show the effect* of headlights on the reflective tape on their running gear: it was dark, but I saw them!



Have a great day, everyone!