Tuesday, January 3, 2012


At 4:40 Tuesday afternoon!

At 5:00 p.m. my car's thermometer showed 5 degrees!

It was cold and even the sky looked wintery ........

.............. but there wasn't a lot of wind and the worst driving conditions that I found were on Fuess-Cleary Road where, obviously, there were no drifts and the road had been both plowed and sanded. No problems at all!

There was something that I was looking for and I found it: evidence that some enthusiasts simply could not wait any longer!
Snowmobile Tracks cutting off into the field next to Osborn Avenue!


The WKTV weather forecast from earlier today:

"(Although) most areas only saw a few inches of snow, watch out for slick spots on the roadways. Winds will be blustery, creating a sub zero wind chill in the afternoon. Some lake effect snow showers will persist south and west of Utica, with little accumulation expected.

Frigid tonight, with overnight lows near or below zero. A return to the twenties in the temperature tomorrow afternoon with some light snow possible late in the day. The chance for light snow again Thursday and Friday."


More and more Christmas trees have found their way to the roadsides, including the big tree that was in the Bandstand.


There is one home lighting display that I have tried several times to take a picture of but have been defeated by either traffic or trees: the Meszler residence on Sanger Avenue, where there are candle lights in every single window --- fifty in all!

If you're out in the evening, slow down and take a look!



Front Page Headlines from

The Waterville Times.


From the January 1 edition of the O-D:

"The Early Birder gets to see ..... some Birds!"

(Nice article about Jody Hildreth & Co.)



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Blogging seems to be more fun in the afternoon than early in the morning, especially in the Winter, so - if you want me to post something for you, make sure you send it well in advance!

Have a good evening, everyone!